About the Team

Executive Editor - Tracy Carpenter PhD
Tracy is the Chief Creative Officer for Kidsworld Studios Inc. and serves as the Director of Creative development for theporntalk.com, which is a great website on how to talk to kids about pornography and internet dangers. She is a visionary with strong goals, Godly leadership, passion for ministry, and endless enthusiasm for life. She travels around the country speaking to thousands of children's pastors, sharing her vision on how to effectively reach kids today. She has been published multiple times in national magazines and produces an array of children's curriculum worldwide through Standard Publishing and now Kidsworld Studios Inc. She is committed to creating spiritually kid-focused projects, programs, support, resources, and ministry. Before beginning Kidsworld Studios Inc., she served as the Children's Pastor at Crossroads Christian Church and as a pastor at Mariners Church in the Outreach Department. Crossroads is a mega-church with an attendance of approx 6,000 people per week. The children's ministry saw upwards of 1,500 kids per week [birth-sixth grade] and had 200 volunteers. As a pastor she has managed a large staff as well as produced church-wide programs and special events for between 10,000-20,000 people, including handling all the publicity. She has been involved in children's ministry for 15 years.

She recently received her Doctor of Ministry and believes she is called to ministry to attract thousands of kids to God by letting them feel and know God's love. Her passion is to create environments which stir kids?hunger for God's Word by giving them experiences they can't get anywhere else! She strives to inspire kids to grow spiritually by showing them Jesus in the lives of real people.


President - Mike Carpenter
Mike Carpenter is a pastor and has been involved in childrenís ministry for 15 years. He presently owns ProTime Construction. Most recently, he was Facilities Pastor at Crossroads Church where he managed a large staff and maintained 33 acres. He served in childrenís ministry from day one and dedicated his set-building and worship-leading talents every chance he got. He recently received his Bachelor in Biblical Studies and truly believes ďkids matter the most.?br />
His servant heart, passion for children, and Godly leadership is the perfect mix to oversee Kidsworld Studios Inc. With his wife, Tracy, Kidsworld Studios Inc. was born, and now he believes together they can give back to the community and save thousands of kids.

Managing Editor - Robin Eddy
Robin Eddy has worked in children's ministry one way or another for almost ten years. She worked in a full-time position at Crossroads Christian Church for seven of those years as a coordinator in the nursery, toddler, and preschool divisions. She provided leadership to the birth-K area of children's ministry during Sunday services, mid-week, and special events. She worked within the vision and mission of the church and in conjunction with the children's pastor. She was responsible for ensuring the health and safety of children as well as training, development, and supervision of all volunteer staff. In addition, Robin designed and implemented multiple curriculums. During her stay at Crossroads she was the director of the childcare program at Crossroads called "After Hours" and spent brief spurts consulting and developing programs and curriculum for the preschool division. Robin has studied child development and early childhood education. She loves kids and is committed to producing amazing experiences and curriculum which take kids to their next step in their relationship with God.

Creative Consultant - Adam Thomas
Adam is our resident "kid." He is a high school junior, full of ideas and creativity. He serves in children's ministry and has for years. He has often participated in very powerful "think tanks" where amazing curriculum was given birth. He rounds up kids of all ages and studies the media for relevant, power-packed curriculum ideas. He is one powerful Christian kid! He is an avid guitar player, loves worship, and has already decided to become a pastor when he finishes high school. His dream is to bring thousands of people to Christ!

Copy Editor - Amanda Michal
Amanda is Tracy Carpenter's daughter and has worked side by side with Tracy for pretty much her entire life. She has traveled the country performing on stage at some of the biggest venues in children's ministry history. She has taught elementary and preschool, and when Amanda turned sixteen, she accepted a position at Crossroads Christian Church as a coordinator, routinely coordinating hundreds of kids every week. She has written curriculum from top to bottom. Amanda is known for her organizational skills and her ability to weave any theme through any lesson. She is presently a student at Cal Baptist University and is pursuing a Bachelorís degree in Health Science and a Masterís degree in Nursing. She has an incredible passion for the needy, and her hope is to go to Uganda to help kids of all ages.

Aministrative Support - Kim Ledbetter
Kim has been involved in kidís ministry since 1999. She initially accepted a position at Crossroads Christian Church as a part-time preschool coordinator. Over the years she has been involved in all aspects of childrenís ministry. She was the executive assistant to the childrenís pastor and coordinated many outreach events reaching thousands of kids in the Inland Empire. She is passionate about the many social issues kids of this generation face and has dedicated her time and energy to making the world a better place for kids to grow up in. Her desire is give kids the tools they need to face and overcome the many challenges which they face on a daily basis. She is a people-person, and her outgoing personality is a magnet to kids.

Senior Art Directors - Ignite Design & Advertising

Web Design - Ignite Design & Advertising

Theological Editors - Knofel and Julia Staton
Knofel Staton, D.M. is a former professor of Biblical Studies at Hope International University. Dr. Staton received his doctorate from Azusa Pacific and has authored numerous books, including Hearing God: 8 steps to understanding the Bible, Heaven-Bound Living: Light for the Journey, and How to Know the Will of God. Knofel is also a renowned speaker and author of over 200 articles.

Julia Staton graduated from Lincoln Christian College with a Bachelorís degree [Summa Cum Laude] in Christian Education. While there, she married Knofel, and together they have four children and five grandchildren. She is a gifted teacher of seminars addressing the challenges women face and is experienced in developing support/recovery groups for women. Julia has taught Bible studies for 23 years. She is a published author and has experience in many aspects of church ministryófrom being the church janitor to office manager, from teaching new members' classes to being Pastor of Womenís Ministries, and from leading a large small group ministry to establishing a lay involvement ministry. She is also a consultant with the Damaris Project [for women].

Associate Editor ?Sheri Price
Sheri has served as a volunteer in childrenís and youth ministry for over 20 years. She has taught Sunday school, assisted with VBS, directed childrenís choirs and musicals, led worship for childrenís ministries and camps, and coordinated a ministry to teenage moms. She has also served on staff at a Christian youth camp and taught kids?musical theater classes for a Christian arts and theater company. Sheri has her teaching credential and is a former elementary school teacher. She recently earned a masterís degree in communication and has taught at the college level. Her desire is to help kids understand and fall in love with the Bible. She wants them to know Godís Word and apply it to their lives so they will become men and women after Godís own heart and make a huge difference in this world for Christ!