About Us

About Kidsworld Studios:
Kidsworld Studios Inc.

Kidsworld Studios, Inc. is committed to creating kid-focused projects, programs, support, resources, and ministry. Kidsworld Studios sees kids for who they are and seeks to reach out to them on their level. We at Kidsworld understand how kids today are immersed in this ever-changing culture.

Kidsworld Studios is a safe haven, a resource landmark, and a place for kids to feel at home. It is a place dedicated to kids' needs and wants. Kidsworld Studios provides networking for kids and families to counselors, schools, extracurricular activities, and even restaurants. Kidsworld Studios is where kids will be able to continually express themselves, whether it is through clubs, camps, curriculum, or various special events.

Kidsworld wants to be there as kids grow up...at their birthdays, their schools, their churches, and even through their trials. Through custom birthday parties, day camps, travel camps, and specialized culturally-relevant experiences, the studio seeks to provide opportunities for social support and cornerstone moments that will uplift, encourage, and build the self-esteem of thousands of kids.

We believe kids today need people and places they can count on. We believe kids need a place to go when they are off-track. We believe kids needs encouragement and options. We believe our job is to find out what kids need on a daily basis and then find a way to meet that need. Kids in the hospital need visiting; kids need menus just for them; kids need safe environments in which to grow and learn. Kids need homes and parents. Kids need simple things, like glasses and shoes. Kids need mentors, podcasts, and parties.

We believe we have a responsibility to help improve our culture and our community. We think kids are the key to the future and the heart of our communities. If we are truly going to get involved and make a difference, we need to open our eyes to the path which can change the course of the future. Kidsworld Studios, Inc. believes that path is kids!