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Kidsworld Studios Inc. is committed to creating a surplus of kid-focused projects, programs, support, resources, and ministry.

Kidsworld Studios is a safe haven, a resource landmark, and a place for kids to feel at home. It is a place dedicated to kidsí needs and wants. Kidsworld Studios is where kids will be able to continually express themselves, whether it is through clubs, camps, curriculum, or various special events. Kidsworld Studios will soon provide networking for kids and families to counselors, schools, extracurricular activities, and even restaurants. Kidsworld wants to be there as kids grow their birthdays, their schools, their churches, and even through their trials. Whether it is through custom birthday parties, day camps, travel camps, special events, or even specialized culturally-relevant curriculum, the studio seeks to provide opportunities for education, social support, and cornerstone moments which will uplift, encourage, and build the self-esteem of thousands of kids.

Upcoming projects currently in the works at Kidsworld Studios Inc.: KidCare, KidReach, KidNetwork, and KidsOnTheMove.