If you have been considering getting into the blogroll you should. Here is a great place to start. You’ll find all kinds of different websites which have great blogs and information on every subject concerning children’s ministry today. Just visit the site, and click on whatever interests you. There are great links to other sites as well as fantastic inspirational and educational information. These great sites will help you stay current on the trends, culture, and all kinds of things which impact kids today!
    “It’s your one stop blog to connect yourself with important news and cultural trends that influence children’s ministry.”
    “Lemon Lime Kids began with a deep-rooted passion to see God do a fresh work in the lives of children, and the adults who serve them.”
    “This blog is straight talk for serious children’s ministers in the perspective of Jim Wideman, Ryan Frank, and Evan Doyle.”
    “The Porn Talk was designed to helping parents to talk to their kids about pornography. It's difficult and certainly not the easiest thing to do. You'll find on the left hand side of this page some different links that will help you have the porn talk.”
    “This is a great blog written by Christine Yount Jones who is the Editor in Chief of Children’s Ministry Magazine and Group Publishing’s Children’s Ministry Champion.”
    “David and Beci Wakerley are Children’s Pastors in Sydney, Australia. They both have a passion to see Children’s Ministries around the world flourish and thrive. At [Kid Inspiration] you will find inspiration and resource to inspire and encourage!“
    Tammy Melchian proclaims on her blog: “Pursue God. Work hard. Laugh often. Live fully. And wait for the hope to come.”
    “Karl Bastian has over fifteen years of experience as a full time Children’s Pastor in large, small, and mobile churches. He is also the founder of, one of the leading Internet destinations for those who minister to children. Karl brings the joy of Children’s Ministry to life and with it, creative and practical ideas and principles that will recharge your ministry.”
    “ is the blog of Greg Nettle, Senior Pastor of River Tree Christian Church. The Roar of Love is a favorite description of how Greg describes God's love for all people. Greg has dedicated his life to sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with as many people as possible in the most effective ways possible.”
    “As a minister, trainer, speaker, coach and mentor, Jim Wideman has led one of America’s largest children’s ministries for seventeen years.”

This guide is full of resources we believe will help you not only to become better acquainted with the Internet and Internet safety, but also to direct your leaders, kids and parents to some great websites, resources and even search engines that will keep them safe and help them to make Godly choices.

Below is a guide designed to help you keep up with the latest trends and current cultural influences. This guide is full of various resources which we believe will help you to equip the kids to whom you minister. Not only will these resources help you to become better acquainted with the emergent culture, but they will also enable you to direct kids and parents to some great websites, reading, articles, and more. We believe this list will give you a clearer look into the world surrounding today’s kids.

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