What is a CurriculumZine?

In the pages of this magazine you will be introduced to an all-new children’s ministry curriculum. This is curriculum I have developed out of my passion to see millions of kids develop an intimate and lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ.

I have been a children’s pastor for many years, and I can’t even count the times that, after ordering a big bundle of curriculum, we actually threw half of it away. The big can, box or bag would come in the mail, and then we would all sit down and dissect it. After a couple of hours, we found we had some good material, but most of the material was not relevant to our ministry.

Kids today are dealing with divorce, the Internet, death, illness, obesity, drugs, depression, abuse, poverty, anger, bullies, ADD, witchcraft and much more. The curriculums that have been available tend to retell the stories of the Old Testament over and over again. They focus on the similar subjects of love, salvation, God’s promises, and forgiveness, with no mention of the many real issues kids today are truly facing. I love the stories of the Old Testament and believe they must be primary and essential in teaching kids about Christ, but I also believe kids need to be ministered to on their level, where they are. I think we as pastors need to talk about all the “stuff” that kids today are really dealing with, while using the Bible to give them truth, perspective and a great foundation. If we don’t begin to teach a balance of worldview, Biblical worldview, Bible, worship, prayer, and Old and New Testament, I believe kids could be swallowed up by the enemy, having lots of great knowledge of the Bible in their heads and not in their hearts.

In the various curriculums, there was just so much “other stuff … too much stuff.” We continually found kids curriculum to be very complicated and lacking creativity, erring on the side of traditional and, honestly, a little boring for the kids we were ministering to. What we waded through were too many directions, and not enough simplicity and direct velocity.

So here at Kidsworld Studios Inc. we decided to redefine the standards for children’s curriculum by pioneering interactive CurriculumZines. CurriculumZines are relevant kid-centric curriculums targeted at the emerging culture. Each CurriculumZine is creatively centered on theme-based lessons and delivered in magazine form. By taking on a single theme each month and integrating it into every element of the issue, this curriculum will invite kids and leaders to immerse themselves in the issues relevant to kids’ lives. Leaders are given the tools necessary to capture, entertain, educate and transform today’s kids.

CurriculumZines are committed to talking about important social issues kids are dealing with in their daily lives. Thousands of kids are desperately in need of information and a Biblical view on so many relevant issues that are bombarding them daily.

CurriculumZines are committed to celebrating days kids celebrate, by designing holiday-sensitive “out-of-the-box” curriculum that offers a Biblical view partnered with outrageous, energetic holiday themes and current topics.

CurriculumZines are committed to teaching the cornerstones of the Bible and to giving kids a solid foundation on which to start their journey with Christianity and their relationship with Christ.

We as pastors and children’s leaders must open our eyes to the culture and the world in which the kids we minister to live in. It is quite different than the world we grew up in! If we are justly going to get involved, make a difference and transform kids’ lives, we need to immerse ourselves in their world and show them Christ in ours.